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Earn money advertising our site AND help to selling product students pass the TTS Group Exams

How does the affiliate program work?
You use the web banners, buttons and text links that we provide to send visitors to TTS GROUP. For each visitor who purchases a subscription from your link, you will be credited a 20% commission for that sale. Our affiliate program generates a unique link for each affiliate that can be copied and pasted into a webpage or email. All affiliates have access to real time statistics via their web browser. These statistics show how many visitors you are sending to our site, where the visitor clicked on your link, and most importantly how much money that you have earned.
Can anyone join?
Yes, but our program was created with 4 groups in mind. 1. Product therapy students who use our Product purchasing  and would like to recommend the product to other buying students. 2. product therapy instructors who would like to earn some extra income recommending our Product purchasing/selling program. 3. Product therapists who surf other product websites and chat boards and would like to make some extra money. 4. Owners of tatkal software related websites who would like to expand their revenue streams.
What method is used for affiliate payouts?
The fastest, cheapest and most secure method available right now is PayTM QR so that is what we use. All we need to pay you is your paytm mobile number (Sign up for FREE PayTM account). Payouts are made every 1 months to prevent fraudulent signups.
Are there things I am not allowed to do as an affiliate?
You can’t SPAM. We consider spam to be:
1. Sending emails to people as a direct solicitation to sign up for the program.
2. Posting our banners or links on bulletin boards and chatrooms where it is a violation of their policies.

What ways can I market the affiliate program?

1. Put our link or banners on your website and earn a 20% commission on every sign up that is generated.
2. Put our links or banner in your email signature and earn a 20% commission on every sign up.
3. Put our links or banner in your bulletin board or chatroom signature where you CONTRIBUTE and earn 20% for every visitor that signs up for our TTS GROUP.
5. Have our web link Tatkal Software on your social site share your affiliate link.

That being said if we get a complaint about an affiliate spamming we will give them one warning. If the spam is reported again the account will be suspended.

How do I register for the affiliate program?
If you are an existing TTS GROUP member then sign into your members area here . In the upper right portion of the webpage you will see the “Affiliate Area” link under the heading Useful Links. Click the affiliate signup link and follow the simple process. If you have any problems or questions you can contact support through our helpdesk
If you are NOT an existing member you may sign up on this Affiliate Signup Page